Ready For a Career Change? Consider These Options First

You’ve worked all this time to master your current career – but you dread it. What could’ve gone wrong? A career you once loved just doesn’t seem to excite you any more or maybe it’s just your current job. Whatever the sign may be, changing your career could be your next option.

Yes, Changing your career may seem frightening initially – But no worries, we’ve prepared a list of things to help you prepare for your big shift. Consider these options to help ease the transition.

1. Re-Evaluate Your Decision

Jumping into a new career doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a decision that you need to really think out or you could find yourself back in the same position. Write out a list of pros and cons and evaluate why a career change is the best option for yourself. Be honest with yourself and ask the tough questions: Can I make a career change? Is it the right decision for me? Am I happy at my current job? Is it enough?

When you feel confident about your answers, you will have a better sense of the steps that should be taken.

2. Resume is Key

Does your resume effectively describe your previous responsibilities and accomplishments? What have you learned in your current career that’s transferable to your new career? Make sure the language in your new resume reflects the responsibilities needed for your new career field.

3. Study Up on Your New Field of Choice

Does your new career require you to be an experienced writer, but your old job never required it? Try picking up a few side gigs to gain some experience. Wherever your experience may lack for the new position, take some time to study up on it. Not only will you be prepared for your new career, you get to add some new skills to your resume.

4. Your Network is Important.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, your network is your biggest resource. Your network can be a huge help when looking for a new job. They can be a lead on a new position, offer some great advice, and introduce you to others in the field. Evaluate your current network – your family, classmates, co-workers & friends can be of great assistance in your new search.

Everyone works at his or her own pace when it comes to changing jobs or careers. What’s important is that you feel confident to make the leap. Transitions can be frightening but with proper preparation, you can worry less.

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