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6 Conferences That Black and Latinx Professionals Need to Attend in 2019

We’re almost halfway done with 2019 and there’s still so many opportunities for Black and Latinx to collaborate and learn Black and Latinx professionals are taking up space in 2019 and creating opportunities for themselves to learn, thrive and shine. Whether you’re looking for a career, in the process of a glow up in your current industry, or simply seeking like-minded

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Latesha Byrd Says You Can Have A Career You Love, Even If You Have No Idea Where To Start

Latesha Byrd is what many may call an “accidental entrepreneur.” Latesha graduated from UNC and received a degree in Accounting. Immediately after graduating she went to North Carolina State University to receive her Masters in Accounting. “I thought I was going to be a CFO one day,” she recalled. We talked about her early childhood. How she grew up in

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Maya Patterson On Why The Tech Industry Can Be A Lonely Place For Blacks & POC

When I called Maya she had recently landed from a trip to Thailand and was feeling a bit jetlagged. We spoke about inexpensive Thai massages, good food and how she met the CEO of Noirefy, Shaniqua Davis before she landed her job at Facebook. I asked her about getting her start in Product Design, frustrations as a Black person in

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