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Kenway Consulting is a management and technology consulting firm whose entire reason for existence is to help companies and their employees. Founded in 2004 on the principles of being good and being truthful, Kenway’s set of Guiding Principles steers each employee’s decision-making process and centers on integrity, quality, value, and respect. The company focuses on the means and not the outcomes, always in line with these Guiding Principles, and always with integrity as its cornerstone. Kenway strives to provide all clients with unmatched quality and service and specializes in the areas of Technology Solution Delivery, Enterprise Program Leadership, and Information Insight.


Collaborative Culture with Focus on Work-Life Balance

Kenway’s mission of “To Help and Be Helped” applies to both our clients and peer-to-peer relationships. Unlike many other consulting organizations, you’ll find a collaborative environment here where peers help you achieve the career path you desire. You’re not limited by banding or titles based on years of experience and are placed into leadership roles and compensated based on merit, not tenure. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional work-life balance with little to no travel requirements.

Exceptional Benefits and Above-Market Compensation

Kenway believes in treating everyone uniquely. At the start of each year, we work with our employees to understand what their ideal workweek looks like. We pride ourselves on our above-market compensation, with quarterly and annual bonuses. We also offer a SEP-IRA to which we contribute 25% of every employee’s total compensation. Other benefits include medical & life insurance, dental & vision coverage, and short- & long-term disability.


Entrepreneurial Spirit, Tenacity, Growth Opportunities, and Security

Our employees’ entrepreneurial spirit has led to growth in both people and revenue each year since our 2004 founding, and we’ve never experienced an employer-driven workforce reduction. Employees set their future vision and are empowered to drive toward it with their unique and valuable impact. We’ve enjoyed profitable growth in times of economic prosperity and decline due to their quality, value, and tenacity. We are seeking individuals looking to make an impact and continue to fuel our growth.






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  • Location: Chicago
  • Pledges and Certifications:: Wellness Pledge (Taking steps to provide resources to employees and their families that support physical and mental health.), Financial Security (Offers competitive compensation and benefits that support financial growth and security of employees)

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