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Kenway Consulting, a management and technology consulting company, was founded in June of 2004 on the principles of being good and being truthful.


At Kenway, we prefer to start with explaining Why we exist prior to explaining what we do.  Kenway’s Why is “To help and to be helped.” Just as our vision statement says – ‘to transform business by ​doing what is right – we are focused on helping businesses achieve their objectives through the enablement/enhancement of process and technology. We do this by providing clients the right skills at the right time in the right volume for the right duration, resulting in the best possible solution for the lowest cost.

At our core, we want to help people. For both clients and Kenway colleagues, it’s about identifying when help is needed, offering it, being willing to provide it, and accepting it without judgment. This is why we exist. This is why our employees work at Kenway. And this is why we do the work we do for our clients and for ourselves.

To help and be helped. This is our Why.



One common theme discussed with our clients is the persistent complementary need for strong leadership and execution in project settings. Since projects tend to be finite in duration, it is critical to address the short-term capacity requirements to deliver on the needs of the business on-time and with quality.

Our projects tend to focus primarily on enterprise solutions, straddling our clients’ technology and business organizations. Most of these engagements require a diverse combination of skills and experience. At Kenway, we address these needs by identifying the capabilities and services required to solve our client’s business challenges. We then provide the right skills at the right time at the right volume for the right duration to build the optimal project capacity for each engagement. This approach not only allows us to take on projects ranging in size and complexity, but it also allows us to adjust capacity and skill sets as the project evolves, or as client needs change. Ultimately, our goal is to provide the highest possible quality for the lowest possible cost.

Our people come from strong consulting backgrounds, blending industry-standard methodologies with deep experience in the development and management of enterprise solutions. Our model provides you with “big consulting” acumen at anything but “big consulting” rates. Our backgrounds span a host of industries, technology domains, and internal business functions which will likely make us a great fit in fulfilling your project needs.



Kenway Consulting offers careers for consulting professionals across all industries. Kenway consultants provide leadership by successfully delivering our capabilities, allowing our clients to focus on their core business objectives. By working at Kenway, you will be collaborating with talented colleagues to deliver business results to top clients while developing skills that complement your interests and enhance your career.

Key among our Guiding Principles is our belief in treating each person uniquely. At Kenway, you will find numerous opportunities to structure your role and your schedule to meet your professional and personal needs. Our flexible structure enables you to set a unique career path and to alter that path if your professional goals or personal needs change over time. If you are a solutions-minded, enthusiastic individual who thrives in a work environment that encourages individual freedom and mutual respect while rewarding commitment and performance, we’d like to hear from you.



Collaborative Culture with Focus on Work-Life Balance

Kenway’s mission of “To Help and Be Helped” applies to both our clients and peer-to-peer relationships. You’ll find a collaborative environment here where peers help you achieve the career path you desire. You’re not limited by banding or titles based on years of experience, and employees are placed into leadership roles and compensated based on merit, not tenure. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional work-life balance with little to no travel requirements. We encourage our employees to define a work-life balance that works best for them. This includes understanding the average number of hours each employee wants to work annually, taking into consideration their personal desires from a vacation standpoint, and tailoring their projects to fit within each consultant’s capacity. We understand there is more to life than work and want to help you design a schedule that fits your needs.


Exceptional Benefits and Above-Market Compensation

We pride ourselves on our above-market compensation, with quarterly and annual bonuses in addition to your annual salary. We also offer a SEP-IRA to which we contribute 25% of every employee’s total compensation. Other benefits include medical & life insurance, dental & vision coverage,  short- & long-term disability, and a pre-tax flexible spending account. Unique to Kenway, we offer unlimited PTO with no accrual requirements and a modest minimum annual hours target of 1932 or 38 hours per week.



Entrepreneurial Spirit, Tenacity, Growth Opportunities, and Security

Our employees’ entrepreneurial spirit has led to consistent growth in both people and revenue since our 2004 founding. Employees set our future vision and are empowered to drive toward it with their unique and valuable impact. We’ve enjoyed profitable growth in times of economic prosperity and decline due to their quality, value and tenacity. We are seeking individuals looking to make an impact and continue to fuel our growth.






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