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Razeware is the company behind raywenderlich.com, the most popular mobile development site on the Internet. We are a small bootstrapped company with just 19 full-time team members (and growing!), and we work with a wide network of over 300 part-time contractors from around the world who help create tutorials, videos, and books for our site.

Over the past 10 years, our community has published over 4,000 videos, 2,000 articles, and 50 books. Our products have made a difference in the lives of thousands of developers across the world, helping them to get their first job as a mobile developer, grow their careers, or create the app of their dreams.

Our Values

If you want to work somewhere, it’s important what the values of the company are. Here are ours:

  • High quality work. Our goal is to create the highest quality tutorials on the Internet.
  • Learn & share. We love to learn new things, and share that knowledge with others.
  • Support each other. We are a friendly and supportive community. We work as a team, and lift each other up.
  • Iterate. We continually improve on everything that we do.

Razeware is a fully-remote company, and we embrace it in everything we do. We favor strong and transparent communication, working asynchronously and autonomously, and support extremely flexible work schedules.

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