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Noirefy is a digital network that strategically connects diverse talent and top-tier companies. Our mission is to create diverse environments and inclusive workspaces at corporations globally. Companies who invest in diverse talent have a competitive advantage over companies who don't. We are your resource for recruiting, retaining and sourcing quality talent!

Drive Diversity and Retention With Data

Gain insights into your corporate culture, recruiting trends, retention rates and more through Noirefy. Our team works with your company to understand your corporation’s diversity landscape so you can attract and retain more diverse talent.

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Recruit With Us

• Access to the Noirefy candidate pipeline

• Customized company profile that highlights your companies mission, achievements, culture, social media and open positions.

• Engage with the Noirefy community and position your company as a diversity and inclusion leader

• Post and manage open positions

Retention and Culture

Diversity doesn’t just start with recruiting talent. To truly understand diversity and inclusion corporations must take a more immersive approach. Noirefy can provide your company with solutions driven by data to help you understand your diversity landscape. These insights will help companies have a better understanding of how to attract talent, retain talent and promote an inclusive workforce.

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Corporate Solutions

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