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We make it easy for you to connect with the best opportunities that match you! Explore company cultures, perks, benefits, and roles before making a decision.

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How We Help

View Company Culture With Transparency

At Noirefy, We believe our candidates are the prize. Therefore we think it’s essential for candidates to have full transparency into a company’s culture BEFORE accepting an offer.

We provide candidates with the insights needed to make the right career decision, which ultimately can lead to increased retention and employee morale at companies.

Increase Your Career Options

Noirefy connects candidates with a diverse database of companies through our match-based job board. Candidates can review companies, hear about experiences from previously employed or interviewed professionals, and filter jobs based on preference.

Candidates can avoid applying to hundreds of jobs and not receiving any messaging back. Keep track of all of your applications and interviews with Noirefy.

Highlight You

Candidates can stand out by highlighting their skills, awards and uploading content unique to their professional profile.

As a candidate adds more information about themselves, they’ll receive more quality matches. 

How it Works​

  • Create a candidate profile.

  • Upload your resume and highlight your skills.

  • Create a video intro and add it to your profile.

  • Match with companies.