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How We Help

Expand Your Employer Branding for Diversity

Noirefy works directly with our partners recruitment team, ERGs, or team leaders to connect them with our pipeline in an authentic and insightful way.

We provide our partners with a custom employer branded profile that highlights cultural initiatives, open roles, and life at the organization. 

These insights provide candidates with the insights needed to make the right career decision, which ultimately can lead to increased retention and employee morale at companies.

Recruitment and Hiring

Noirefy connects companies with a diverse database of candidates through our match based job board. 

Employers can manage, review, and feature open roles on the Noirefy platform. We are not a staffing agency, Noirefy is an integration tool into corporations current hiring practices. Our goal is to provide companies with more pipeline equity so that they can make more insightful and diverse hiring decisions.

Our pipeline consist of talent from tech, marketing, sales, and a host of others.

Expanded Engagement Opportunities

Expand your diversity and inclusion employer branding through our extended marketing opportunities. Noirefy will work with your team to create unique content relevant to your corporate hiring initiatives. We partner with our companies to produce content such as blogs, social media content, and we also host events to connect your brand with our pipeline.

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