Software Engineer Interview Questions

  1. write the annotation for controller?
  2. write the annotation for request mapping?
  3. what is front controller from context in spring mvc?

  1. what is angular js
  2. what is directive
  3. what is factory

  1. how does ajax call work
  2. difference between REST and SOAP
  3. what is GET and POST

  1. Questions on my resume. 1. What is your CGPA? 2. Tell us about your project (3-2 project).
  2. Which coding language do you prefer and why?
  3. Questions on my interests
  1. In a dark room,there is a box of 18 white and 5 black gloves. You are allowed to pick one and then you are allowed to keep it and check it outside. How many turns do you need to take in order for you to find a perfect pair?
  2. How can you cut a rectangular cake in 8 symmetric pieces in three cuts?
  3. What are seven layers of networking?

  1. Salary discussions
  2. Work place (location)

  1. Introduction
  2. Talk About your passion and what you have done to achive it
  3. Write a short code in java or C

  1. Weaknesses
  2. Strength
  3. Hobby

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