3 Step Plan To Level Up Your Career

We are all trying to get ahead in our careers. Some of us are striving to make a jump in our current company, and others may have their eye on something completely new. When it comes to advancing your career, the opportunities usually don’t just fall into your lap. It takes hard work and dedication. Let’s face it, everybody wants those top positions, the competition will be tough. You must keep in mind that advancing your career means taking on more responsibilities right now. Our career experts at Noirefy created a 3-step plan to help you level up. These are a few career tips that can help you advance in any field.

STEP 1: Network

Opportunities to grow, exist beyond your current company and the walls of your office. From attending an industry happy hour, to saving up the money to head to a week long industry convention, connecting with others can open up new doors. There are several benefits to networking such as meeting like-minded people who share professional goals, staying abreast of industry trends, and meeting future employers or colleagues.

STEP 2: Develop Leadership Skills

You don’t have to be in a leadership position to influence a team or group of people. Leaders have skills that can be cultivated in any position. Signs of a great leader include clear communication, problem-solving, time-management, creativity, and adaptability. Ask yourself, “How can I improve my presentation skills or written reports? Do I suggest solutions when my team has an issue? Am I meeting project deadlines? How well do I accept new policies? After a self-assessment, where do you stand? These questions can be focus areas to help you become a skilled leader.

STEP 3: Seek feedback

Some employers provide feedback consistently, while others wait for a mid-year or end of year review. If you are not receiving constructive feedback that can help you improve in your role, then request it. The feedback can come from a manager, coworker, mentor, or even a professional peer at another company. Each person can offer a different perspective, providing clarity on your blind spots.

The goal is to develop your skills and build your network so that the future job search or opportunity for promotion plays out in your favor. It may take a little extra work now, but it will pay off in the long run. Remember, if you aren’t working hard to advance your career, someone else is. Don’t get left behind. Follow these tips so you can succeed. When you’re ready to level up, head to https://noirefy.com/, and let’s get you hired.