400+ Startup/Marketing Execs Looking to Network with Black Talent


During this critical time in our lives, it is imperative that we work together to change the current conditions of society. We received an amazing outreach email from Kate Huyett, Chief Marketing Officer at Bombas who launched an initiative to dedicate 10 hours of her time in 15-30 minute blocks, to black professionals in the month of June.

“Part of my unearned privilege as a white woman is that throughout my career I’ve had access to (largely white) professional networks of people who were willing to make time to talk with me about their career journeys and answer my questions.”

Her initial post has since generated the responses of over 400+ startup and marketing execs who are looking to network with black professionals. In addition to the networking opportunities available on the list, it also includes career opportunities, tips on reaching out, and more.

We are excited to see initiatives like these from our allies! The list is available for your viewing and sharing here:

Paying it Forward –  Resource List