#CareerGoals – Sade’s New Career Journey

Sade recently found her new career opportunity through Noirefy. We’re so excited for the new doors that have opened for her and we’re even more excited that we get to share her career journey! Meet Sade Ayinde and congratulate her on her new career.

Name: Sade Ayinde
Hometown: Washington, D.C
School: University of Maryland
Professional Title: Analytics Professional and Product Owner


Tell us about your background (Career or personal. Let us know about your journey so far)
I graduated from University of Maryland with a double degree in economics and global development. I always did an internship every summer in research, policy or economics. After undergrad, I started at Deloitte working in analytics and then transitioned into a data scientist and technology products service line. In between, I volunteered with local tech civil service and organizations.


Have you experienced any obstacles or barriers as a female or minority throughout your career journey that you can share with us? How did you get around it?
Absolutely. I think being a double minority as a black woman has compounded my experience in many ways.


What’s your new role?
Senior Technical Business Analyst


What are you looking forward to the most about your new career journey?
I look forward to more ownership, more opportunities for my career growth, and an equitable compensation. I don’t want to gloss over this, because I think that compensation is a key part of it. Very often as black women, we are very underpaid not only compared to men but also other women. After doing extensive research; I knew that my next position had to have the right combination of growth, compensation, flexibility and fun! (I would enjoy my work environment !!)


Do you believe platforms like Noirefy, who work to connect diverse professionals to corporations like the one you just received an offer from are valuable? If so, how was your experience working with us?

I absolutely think that Noirefy is pivotal to connecting and creating those pathways for black professionals wanting enhanced and new careers. I heard about Noirefy from a recruiting event that they co-planned with a tech company in Chicago. I was going just to attend to get an idea, but after meeting with my (now) supervisor and talking to other employees of the company I felt a good feeling about the path. My experience overall was very positive.


How can people connect with you?

@sadeayinde on twitter and sadeayinde.com