5 Benefits to Keep Your Employees Engaged at Work

Recent data from Gallup revealed that the US workforce is only 29 percent “engaged” at work, and the Conference Board confirmed that American job satisfaction has been falling for two decades. Now that the studies are out, employers know there’s an issue – but few are doing anything about it.

According to Office Vibe, 90 percent of leaders believe an engagement strategy would help solve this problem, yet only 25 percent have a one.

It’s time for organizations to put more effort and emphasis on employee experience. The same effort they put into their bottom line because the workforce is the backbone of their success.

Disengaged employees cost money through turnover, hiring and training costs. Meanwhile, Office Vibe revealed engaged employees help companies earn 2.5 times their revenue.

During the hiring process, employers want to ensure their new hire can assimilate, adapt and learn the core skills to fulfill the company’s mission. Meanwhile, the interests of employees have become more and more varied. Workers still want the security of health care and a steady income but they are also increasingly aware of the morals, ethics and culture of their organizations.

We took a look at stats from Access Perks and these are the top five benefits and perks employees are seeking in 2019:


  1. Flexible Work Options: 71% of surveyed employees said they would quit if another employer offered them flexible scheduling in a new job.
  2. Health Benefits: 87% of U.S. workers ages 18-34, 70% ages 35-54, and 44% ages 55+ factor in health and wellness offerings in their job decisions.
  3. Higher Wages: 41% of employees said a higher salary would improve their job satisfaction.
  4. Professional Development: Nearly half of millennials would consider quitting a job that didn’t provide learning opportunities.
  5. Paid Family Leave: 58% of all workers and 64% of millennials want paid family leave from their employers


We also looked at a PwC study which revealed  that these are the top reasons employees quit:



Poor employee morale can slowly erode a successful company. It is in the best interest of the C-Suite to ensure their employees receive the assistance they need so that they can provide excellent service at the best of their ability. Businesses can only thrive when they have a workforce that feels happy, secure and valued.


See more stats from Access Perks here: https://blog.accessperks.com/2019-employee-benefits-perks-statistics#perks