5 Podcast To Help You Advance In Your Career or Business

Podcast has made it possible for people to access information in ways our parents could only dream of.  Want to learn about real estate? There’s a podcast for that. Want bite-size news updates? There are dozens. Are you a woman of color trying to perfect your side-hustle. There’s a podcast for you too.

Podcasting has also created opportunities for the underrepresented in traditional media to create platforms of their own. Here’s five of our favorite podcasts for the career professional, entrepreneur or side-hustler.


Side Hustle Pro

For the side-hustler or entrepenuer 

Created by Jamaican born, Bronx bred marketer Nicaila Matthews Okome, Side Hustle Pro is the podcast for the multi-passionate Black women who dream of entrepreneurship. Okome’s podcast includes an interview with Michelle Obama’s stylist Yene Damtew, a mother who created a 6-figure lice treatment clinic and tips on how to overcome imposter sydrome. With over 140 episodes, there is an episode for you.

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How Did You Get Into That?

For the entrepreneur, career professional or recent grad

Host Grant Baldwin interviews all types of people who bring the story of their life journey and inspire you to take a different route.  Listen in to receive insight from entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, trainers, venture capitalists and more.

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How I Built This

NPR brings a podcast of great inspiration as leaders reveal the untold story of some of the world’s best known companies. NPR says: “How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.”

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We cannot personally vouch for this podcast but it has landed on many great podcast lists. Productivityist helps listeners learn the art of productivity from some of our best change-makers and experts.