This Tech Company Is Laying The Foundation For DEI Within Their Organization, Creating A Diverse Workforce 

At Coil, the primary goal is to bring users to the Web Monetization ecosystem, so creators can make money off of their content. Coil was founded in 2018 by Stefan Thomas, former CTO of Ripple. While creating the blueprint for Coil, the entire thought process was to help build a better business model for the web and help create a lane content creators. 

As you can imagine, this start-up company is in high growth mode and currently creating the foundation for DEI within their organization. We were able to catch up with their admin assistant, Nadja Bebout, to learn more about Coil’s culture and their DEI plans for 2021.

Coil Hires: 

Coil plans to recruit diverse top-tier professionals in the tech industry, focusing on developers, engineers, and designers’ opportunities throughout 2021. Each department is exceptionally collaborative so that employees can work in different sectors, including marketing and customer success. Coil is committed to promoting growth and personal development and supporting careers of all employees.. They are pushed to continue to grow and take on new challenges within their roles.“There is room for anyone to grow and evolve,” says Bebout, “this can be seen especially in my personal experience – my managers have enthusiastically adopted my role to fit our world’s ’new normal’. I worked as a front desk receptionist pre-COVID, and I’ve been able to absorb HR and Finance responsibilities at a comfortable pace, with guidance along the way.” 

DEI Plans: 

The number one goal for Coil is to create an inclusive attitude amongst their employees as they grow and expand within the organization. Being a diverse group of progressive individuals, Coil’s business model facilitates creating a work environment that reflects its employees.. “We believe that the best results come from those who feel comfortable, supported, and proud.” says Bebout.

Since partnering with Noirefy, Coil has pledged to build pipeline equity within their organization and put processes in place to make hiring decisions that promotes equity within their pipeline. In addition to building pipeline equity, Coil hopes to retain qualified minority talent by creating employee resource groups to ignite company culture and keep company morale up while working remotely. 

Why work for Coil?

We’re pretty fantastic…

When looking for the best company to work for, finding a place where you belong is essential. Coil recruits unique individuals to join its close-knit team of employees. “Coil is a fantastic company to showcase your talents, whatever they may be. I truly get a sense of encouragement from the top down, where everyone wants to be at their best. It goes without saying that Coil looks to hire only the best, but I find this to be truer than previous companies I have worked within.” Said Bebout on her experience working for Coil. 

Employee Count: 

Coil currently has 25 employees but has recruitment plans this year to expand. They are currently hiring for the following roles

Senior Software Engineer

Chief Design Officer

Head of Developer Relations

Employee Testimonial

“I find Coil to be an incredibly open, encouraging, and progressive place to work. I feel full confidence in my abilities and know I can ask anyone for help at any time. My colleagues are relatively laid back, and projects/goals are focused more on the quality of results.”

-Nadja B – Administrative Assistant / HR Assistant 


Flexible/Remote Work

Unlimited Vacation Policy

Fitness Incentive Program

Cell Phone Reimbursement

401(k) Matching

Health & Other Insurance

Parental and Family Leave

Employee Referral Program

Commuter Benefits

FSA (flexible spending account)

Professional Development and Educational Assistance Program

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