The Importance Of Giving Thanks To Minority Professionals This Holiday Season


Minority Professionals Deserve Extra Gratitude This Season


Turkey day has ended. Goodbye, sweet potato pie, so long cranberry sauce, and see you next year baked macaroni and cheese. As you sit and reminisce about the mouth-watering food consumed, have you had the opportunity to think about the reasons you are thankful? Sure, this year came with twists and turns, and we’re still anxiously waiting for the season finale. But as you look back at each moment throughout the year, have you taken the time to show gratitude to every important person in your life?

November 30th is right around the corner, and for most, this means returning to work, whether in person or from home. Though the idea of returning to work is dreadful after a long holiday break, the fear of staying employed this year has become an added stressor to most people throughout the country—particularly Black and LatinX professionals. So today, let’s discuss pipeline equity and the importance of giving thanks to Black and LatinX employees this holiday season.

The Truth Is, Finding A Job Is Not That Easy For Minority Professionals

The Pandemic has created a workforce crisis, and while more than half of Americans are on the job hunt, minority talent makes up a large portion of that number. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is more than 25 percent of Black and LatinX individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 unemployed. On average, people of color are more likely to be concerned about various employment-related issues, including finding a job. Nearly 70 percent of Black and LatinX Americans are more worried than 40 percent of White Americans about finding a job. Not to mention out of the percentage of minorities employed, nearly 60 percent are concerned with the possibility of losing their jobs.

Although you’re eager to have an additional set of hands on the team, keep in mind that your new teammate is walking on eggshells after spending months looking for a stable job. Try taking your new employees on lunch to get to know them better and show your appreciation for them being a part of the company.

Financial Worries Have Increased This Year

As if the fear of employment isn’t enough, most Black and LatinX individuals are also dealing with financial worries like paying for child care, student loans, or rent/mortgage. As schedules continue to change due to the covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, discovering strategic ways to stay on top of bills and payments has caused many Americans to work multiple jobs. The ASA recently reported that over 60 percent of Hispanic/Latino and 50 percent of Blacks individuals fear making their next rent or mortgage payment, and more than 50 percent worry about paying for child care.

Let’s face it; the holiday season always results in spending more money. Showing gratitude to your employees during a time where things are difficult can be that kindness they need to keep them sane. This holiday season, try creating a gratitude system that allows everyone to acknowledge teammates throughout the year. At the end of each quarter, turn the points into prizes.

Black Lives Matter Is More Than Just A Statement

This year our nation watched as Black Lives Matter protests emerged throughout the country. While the BLM movement became an educational moment, for minorities, it became an additional serving of anxiety. While some people in the world were waking up each day, making their cup of coffee and carrying on with their lives, minority professionals were waking up to seeing another person of color hurt, locked up, or killed on national television and social media. Imagine seeing people who look like you being mistreated simply because of their skin color. Imagine waking up every day only to hear on the news that another Black person was killed due to police violence. Imagine going to the store with a mask on like everyone else but being looked at differently. Now imagine getting on a zoom call to discuss company duties while all of these scenarios marinate on your brain.

Finding the right words to say can be challenging; we get it. But showing you understand is common sense. Try sending a thank you card to employees to acknowledge their hard work. Show them that regardless of the circumstance, you appreciate their effort to show up each day.

Systematic Racism Within The Workforce Is Real

The world is finally having a conversation about race and how to dismantle racism embedded, as normal practicing within organizations. Although some company leaders are just now understanding the inner workings of systematic racism, minority employees are all too familiar with the effects. Racial – bias is a normal feeling for minority talent within the workplace and results in lower wages, fewer promotions, and no room for advancement. Systematic racism is the number one reason companies are focusing on DEI initiatives to create a more inclusive workplace.

Just like ending racism won’t happen overnight, neither will solving diversity problems within the workforce. Try implementing a DEI strategy to improve diversity goals.

The big picture is this; minority professionals have been showing up every day. Regardless of the hindering circumstance, they show up and get the job done. Show some gratitude to your minority employees. Be an ally for them. No, we aren’t telling you to single out the token Black or Latin person within your organization, but we ask you to be more grateful for the talented people you have on your team.

Understand that working to improve diversity problems within your organization will take time. Creating a plan with a diversity partner can help. Contact Noirefy today to create a more inclusive work environment.